IPhone 8 facial recognition will support Apple Pay, third party apps

Pablo Tucker
August 10, 2017

The uplifting news is Kuo states the iPhone 8 will release in the meantime as the less expensive, more incremental iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus.

Kuo seems to believe that since Apple has chose to use an OLED display for the new device, this will trigger a supply deficit during its launching. Another code snippet suggests that the iPhone will mute notifications when the user is looking at it, which implies that facial recognition will be a feature that is always on.

According to a report by Forbes, the iPhone 8 design has been finalised, and mockups it's created imagine an evolution of the outgoing iPhone 7.

Word has it that all the upcoming iPhones won't come with Touch ID in favour of 3D facial recognition functionality. Qi wireless charging is in line with rumours that have predicted the iPhone 8 will support inductive charging rather than a true wireless charging feature.

The ousting of the Home button will reportedly make way for a display the size of the iPhone 7 Plus on a phone as wide as the standard iPhone 7, with the iPhone 8 rumored to boast an edge-to-edge screen.

Typically the source is an acclaimed Apple Insider KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo and in a new report acquired by MacRumors, he has affirmed Apple faces both production network issues and design limitations. One thing to keep in mind that the code's existence does not automatically mean Apple will implement it. Apple often experiments with new features during the testing phase, which either get polished and included in final code or ultimately pulled, depending on how it works out. In any case, the new releases affirmed the following iPhone's plan which is taking the track of Android in the Operating System's interface.

The iPhone 7 Plus is Apple's current flagship and the most expensive phones it sells, but it's not the only choice as Apple doesn't remove older phones from its store every time a new one comes out.

As per previous leaks, the iPhone 8 has a rear-mounted dual-camera sensor array aligned vertically, with an LED flash module in the middle.

The lineup is expected to consist of three iPhone models: a standard model with a 4.7-inch liquid crystal display (LCD), a higher-end model with a 5.5-inch LCD, and a premium model with a 5.8-inch organic light emitting diode (OLED)-based display.

Its indicator can also be hidden meaning that apps running in full-screen won't have a virtual home button to distract users with. The latest findings focuses on the device's hue.

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