Guam is telling its citizens how to survive a nuclear attack

Cheryl Sanders
August 13, 2017

Guam is about 2,100 miles (3,380 kilometers) southeast of Pyongyang and 3,800 miles (6,115 kilometers) west of Honolulu in the Pacific Ocean.

But this week, as Pyongyang exchanged increasingly angry words with the U.S., there are worries of a clash erupting along the heavily militarised frontier which divides the two Koreas.

The SDF spokesman said the country's Aegis ballistic missile defense system was deployed in the waters between Japan and the Korean Peninsula, but would not give a specific location.

Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Saturday that the Department of National Defense was closely monitoring threats by North Korea to launch missiles near Guam.

Meanwhile, US-South Korean joint military exercises are due to begin later this month.

Its military officials intend for them to land a little outside the 14-mile mark that is accepted as the limit of territorial waters, North Korean state media said, subject to Kim Jong-un's agreement. "And we should be prepared too".

After Pyongyang conducted two successful tests of an intercontinental ballistic missile last month, putting much of the mainland United States within reach, the paper warned: "Trust in the nuclear umbrella the U.S. provides to the South can be shaken".

The trajectory and estimated target point can be calculated within minutes of launch.

"Through its participation in this year's ASEAN Regional Forum, North Korea realized the position that it is in, in the worldwide community, and at the same time clearly confirmed continuing with more provocations will only place it in a more hard situation", Cho said.

"The greatest threat to both states remains shorter range artillery, artillery rockets and stockpiles of short-to-medium range missiles".

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said there are two scenarios that could trigger war with North Korea.

However, with North Korea's nuclear weapons development advancing more quickly than anticipated, experts say Seoul may have to fast-track its own schedule to get the defense system in place sooner.

Kim's goal has always been to create a credible, long-range nuclear threat to the US mainland to deter the United States from obliterating his regime.

The forum members also urged North Korea to comply with obligations stated in the United Nations Security Council resolutions.

Trump's rhetoric toward North Korea has sparked criticism.

A sign of shelter is seen at an entrance of a subway station in Seoul, South Korea, August 11, 2017. It's unclear whether Japan would reposition any of its warships to defend the area around Guam.

South Korea is less focused on increasing the flight range, as that could face opposition from neighbors including China, Russia and Japan, and the 800-km range limit covers all of North Korea in any case, senior government officials said. Other clues indicate that high-priority targets could be strategic military sites rather than population centers. The 21,600-pound GBU-43 bomb is one of the largest non-nuclear devices used in combat.

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