Facebook Down: Millions Of Users Unable to Log In

Pablo Tucker
August 23, 2017

Sounds very basic, we know, but it's an important one to tick off the list right at the beginning.

In Windows, this is CTRL+F5, while Mac users should use Cmd+Shift+R.

Some Facebook users are now unable to reach the site, faced instead with an error message and a terror akin to being stranded on a desert island, cut off from civilisation.

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It is possible to bypass this problem by holding down the shift key and pressing the refresh button in the browser-this action bypasses the versions of webpages that browsers store in their caches in order to load the pages more quickly. However, some users are not having any problems, even when using Chrome.

Some users online have recommended clearing out the cookies in the browser to fix the problem.

"In our tests, Facebook loaded as normal - allowing us to scroll the News Feed inside Google Chrome following a hard refresh", claims Daily Express. In recent days, there have been about a thousand complaints about the lack of access to a social network.

According to its data, about 39 percent of users have been left unable to log in to the social network.

Also, there are no reports of such problems on Instagram and WhatsApp - also owned by Facebook. And the final 7 per cent are unable to login to the smartphone or tablet application.

Facebook being down is problematic when some of your main business is social media marketing'.

Facebook has now confirmed that the issue has been resolved, and that the problem was caused by a Javascript code change.

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