Earth's Doomsday Predicted On This Month's Solar Eclipse by Mysterious Planet "Nibiru"

Pablo Tucker
August 12, 2017

The result was the creation of the asteroid belt and planet Earth.

Self-proclaimed extraterrestrial psychic Nancy Lieder then warned Nibiru would crash into Earth or pass it causing huge earthquakes and tidal waves from the gravitation pull.

While America is preparing to witness the much excited Great American Total Solar Eclipse, on the other hand, conspiracy theorists are buzzing with incoming "hidden planet".

Does the Bible prophecy the Eclipse
The moon will be in Virgo on September 23. So what

The prediction has been wandering around us since decades but the Nibiru prediction of it colliding with earth has definitely caught the attention of many.

As for Nasa, it says that 'Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an internet hoax.' 'Obviously, it does not exist.' Nasa claims it is internet hoax while many believe it to be real. Doomsday has been predicted in the year 2003, 2007, 2012, and 2015. "There is no factual basis for these claims". So what is the date of the Earth's destruction - It is September 23, 2017, yes, just a month away!

Meade earlier said that Nibiru will mark the end of Earth in October, but now he has fixed his mind on September, only until he changes his mind again. As the moon travels along in space, its shadow moves across the Earth's surface, and areas that fall under the darkest shadow observe a total eclipse, while areas that lie under the partial shadow observe a partial eclipse.

The mysterious planet is believed to be home to a race of ancient aliens called the Annunaki, who are thought to be behind the creation of human race. Now after coming across Isaiah's Old Testament book, Chapter 13, verses nine to 10, which reads - "See, the Day of the Lord is coming!"

Now the theorist says that "Great American Eclipse" would define the date of planet's arrival.

The "path of totality" - which covers regions under complete shadow - varies from one eclipse to the next, and a total solar eclipse has not made landfall over the continental US since 1979.

"The Stars of Heaven and their constellations will not show their light".

And just before this monumental occurrence, sky-gazers in America will be treated to a total eclipse. Regardless of having no substantial evidence, David Meade along with some other conspiracy theorists has argued that Bible passages, as well as the presence of the total solar eclipse, completely shore up the idea that the end time for the earth is inching closer.

Diameter-wise, the sun is about 400 times the size of the moon, and the distance of the moon from the sun is about 400 times the distance of the moon from the earth. He said the eclipse enters through the 33rd U.S. state, exits at the 33rd latitude by Charleston, and occurs 33 days out from the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

Despite the predictions of doomsday theories, the world would not end on December 21, 2012.

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