'Drone-Like' Object Causes Chaos at Delhi Airport

Andrew Cummings
August 21, 2017

Due to the temporary closure of the airport, some of the flights were diverted to other airports.

The country's busiest airport saw operations getting halted for an hour in the morning and around 45 minutes late in the evening amid security concerns following the spotting of the objects, sources said.

After a drone was sighted by a pilot at Delhi Airport, flight operations were temporarily suspended to ensure proper security at the airport.

According to government sources, the first scare occurred at about 11.20 am when the pilot of an Air China aircraft reported the sighting of a drone near the airport. The pilot had informed the ATC that he spotted a drone-like object approximately 3 nautical miles from the runaway. The statement said that the pilot followed normal procedure, carried out uneventful landing.

Heath Montgomery with DIA said the drone flew near the plane just before 4 p.m. but doesn't have the distance confirmed - early reports put it at 100 feet from the plane. "In this regard, operations at all the three runways were closed as a precautionary measure". All the three runways were shut at Delhi airport. Giving the always present threat of terrorism, security officials did not want to take any chances and suspended the flight operations at Delhi airport. "At about 7.55pm, operations at the three runways resumed normally after clearance from Delhi Police", Bhatia said. Moreover, two Air India flights were diverted to Lucknow and Ahmedabad, one flight each of GoAir and IndiGo that were diverted to Jaipur, returning to Delhi, as per ANI.

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