China to restart world's fastest bullet trains running at 350 Kmph

Andrew Cummings
August 23, 2017

With a top speed of 350 kilometres per hour (kmph), Fuxing trains will outrun Hexie, or Harmony, trains, the existing fastest bullet trains in China with their top speed capped of 300 kmph.

The newest generation bullet train, the Fuxing, Chinese for rejuvenation, has been in operation since June 25. In 2011, a signaling system fault caused a deadly train crash in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province.

However, the desire to up the speed on the world's most extensive high-speed network remained strong as the country tried to stay ahead of Japan, Germany and France in a technological race.

It was also noted to be the most profitable, reportedly earning 6.6 billion yuan (about $1 billion) in profits in 2015.

It will be the world's fastest commercially-used bullet train and will cut travel time between the two cities from six hours to 4½ hours. For comparison, the still-in-development Hyperloop One recently reached speeds of 308 km/h (192 mph), though the plan is to hit 402 km/h (250 mph) while still in testing.

China's standardised EMU is to go into 350 km/h passenger service between Beijing and Shanghai next month.

Zhao Jian, a professor at Beijing Jiaotong University and a leading researcher on the country's high-speed railway network, told the South China Morning Post that the higher speeds could increase the risk of collisions, so to avoid accidents the railway operator would have to reduce the number of trains on the line.

In addition, comprehensive and scientific assessments have shown the rail line meets the requirements for bullet trains run at that high speed, and, given that the ample preparations made, rail authorities and experts have guaranteed that Fuxing trains are capable of the high speed, according to the company. The government aims to further the distance at 30,000 kilometers (18,641 miles) by 2020.

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