Borderlands Dev Gearbox Announces New FPS Project 1v1

Yolanda Curtis
August 9, 2017

Gearbox software sent out and email, and launched an official website for it's new "Top-Secret" game, "Project 1v1".

It's no secret that Gearbox is now working on the next entry in the Borderlands franchise, but that doesn't mean the developer is focusing all of their energy on it. A "short" closed technical test is scheduled for this summer, and Gearbox has opened sign-ups for the beta on its website. It will be an opportunity to stress-test the online infrastructure as well as learn what others think of the in-development project.

This Close Technical Test is expected to include three different modes, which are Ranked, Challenge and Arena.

We're positive we'll hear more about Project 1v1 (obviously a code name) sometime in the near future.

Registration for the test is available on the official website, but be warned that all game servers will be based in North America, meaning global players may have some issues with latency. In Ranked, players are matched with a foe around their similar level, winning will result in experience and new cards.

Challenge, which will let you "Challenge a friend to an unranked match".

As for Arena, it consists of queuing up to challenge the current champion of Arena, and if you beat them, you take their place.

With even the announcement website's FAQ being listed as "coming soon" there is no time frame on when we will get to see Project 1v1 in action.

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