Blizzard Releases Latest Overwatch CG Short Starring Mei

Pablo Tucker
August 24, 2017

Even though "Rise and Shine" is dealing with a rather serious and life-threatening situation, it still has some of the lighthearted moments we have come to expect from Overwatch shorts. Earlier in the week, fans got a glimpse at the next Overwatch map called Junkertown.

It's a heartbreaking beginning, but it's one that lends itself well to a character who, up until this moment, had been defined exclusively by her somewhat cheery, positive, optimistic, and upbeat demeanor. Set in Antartica, more specifically the Ecopoint base, Mei awakens from her sleep 9 years later and discovers that Overwatch has now been disbanded. Then you remember that she's Mei.

Supplies for the polar station are dwindling and her team is forced to go into cryostasis, to be revived when an alert happens or an Overwatch team comes to assist them. Being able to see first hand the struggle that Mei went through to survive adds needed emotional weight to this hero.

Blizzard put out a new Overwatch animated short today at Gamescom centered around everyone's favorite frozen environmental scientist, Mei.

The story delves into Ecopoint Antarctica, a former Overwatch installation created to collect data on the environmental changes of the planet before Overwatch's eventual disbandment.

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