Bill requiring separate abortion insurance among those Texas House passed this week

Cheryl Sanders
August 12, 2017

The prospects of another one that Abbott has personally championed - curtailing cities' ability to regulate tree cutting on private land - are shaky.

But on Wednesday, the Texas House voted to repeal the new law, which some Republicans dubbed a well-intentioned mistake.

The Texas House on Wednesday tentatively approved a bill that seeks to crack down on mail-in ballot fraud, one of Greg.

Abbott's office has been particularly encouraged by the progress on his top priority of property tax reform, noting there's been more headway on it in the past 21 days than there was during the entire regular session. But that committee's chairman, state Rep.

"The travel industry is the curator of the Texas hospitality brand", the letter said. "People get nervous when they see the other side in favor of something, because they assume it gives them an advantage in elections".

"Seniors' votes shouldn't be stolen", that tweet said.

"The whole point is to hopefully deter people from participating in those activities ever again", said Representative Craig Goldman (R-Fort Worth) who sponsored the bill in the House. Folks who may have forgotten to request an absentee ballot could fill out the paperwork on site and cast a vote during the judges' visit. The Senate is expected to take up a House version of that legislation later on Friday with an eye toward getting that to the Senate floor as early as Saturday.

For years, Texas has ranked near last nationally in voter turnout, and attempts to reverse that trend have been shredded in a political buzz saw. Taylor said he hoped the committee's version of the bill would be voted on by the full Senate tomorrow, and then quickly advance to a conference committee.

"We are exhausted of being used to promote discrimination simply to satisfy a few politicians who need to keep extreme political funders happy", says Mellie Price, the owner of a firm that works with startups in Austin. "It's basically an unfunded mandate".

"I think we need to do what's right for Texans", Simmons said. Roberto Alonzo, D-Dallas. And we have laws for them. Those are voters who can be more easily preyed on, many have argued.

Under the law, penalties for election crimes would be increased to the next-highest offense level.

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have long held that nursing home absentee ballots have been most prone to voter fraud given the elderly are among the most vulnerable adults. Before the special session even began, far-right Republicans were calling for Straus' head.

"I haven't given up on bipartisanship".

The testimony during the regular session was heavily against SB 6, which would require students, staff, and visitors in public schools to use the restrooms and other single-sex facilities matching the gender on their birth certificate or an ID issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety, and would put the same restriction on those using facilities in buildings overseen by local governments.

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