Australian Marriage Equality May Now Be Decided by Mail

Henrietta Brewer
August 10, 2017

Senator Cormann said the government's advice was there were no constitutional or legal problems with the postal vote, which if passed would lead to a marriage law change being brought to parliament.

Marriage equality advocates have lodged an application asking the High Court to stop the federal government's postal vote on the issue.

"This ain't a respectful debate already".

She also fears the debate leading up to the plebiscite and the damage it may do to all children of same-sex couples. The cost would have been 170 million Australian dollars ($135 million).

AUSTRALIANS will get a chance to have their say on whether to make gay marriage legal before the end of the year.

But the government's second bid was defeated on Wednesday by a 31-vote tie.

Labour's Penny Wong has delivered an emotional speech opposing the Government's plans for a plebiscite on same-sex marriage. "They simply can not countenance people like me and others being equal", Wong, a lesbian, told the Senate.

Even if you disagree with it - and most of you probably do - choosing not to vote will be effectively voting "no".

Twomey told Guardian Australia the ABS had the power to collect statistics, or "numerical data concerning facts", describing it as "most unusual" for it to "collect opinions rather than facts".

Some marriage equality advocates are weighing up a boycott of the ballot.

"This is a disrespect of the Parliament of the nation where our laws are made".

On ABC's AM, Twomey also questioned the method of appropriating funds, noting that a finance minister's advance "has to be for some kind of emergency that's unforeseen [and] here we have an issue that has been foreseen and previously there had been allocations for it in the budget".

Polls vary, but overall, about 60 percent or more of Australians support the right of same-sex couples to marry.

It appears the newspaper has become exhausted like the rest of Australia, tired of politicians playing politics when the vast majority want the issue put sensibly, properly and intelligently to bed.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, whose tenure was riddled by his refusal to allow lawmakers to vote on same-sex marriage, this week told his fellow Australians they should vote against marriage equality.

"At the last election, we made a very clear promise to the Australian people that we would not facilitate the introduction of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage until the Australian people had had their say", said Turnbull, who is the head of the Liberal Party.

So, currently, the Turnbull government is likely going to proceed with plan b, which is a postal plebiscite vote.

Turnbull ran in 2016 on the promise to let Australian voters decide the issue, but the Australian Senate must still approve the plebiscite before it can officially go before the Australian people.

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