Anna Paquin reacts to BBC news showing her breasts on air

Carla Harmon
August 13, 2017

The woman turned out to be actress Anna Paquin, and she is now speaking out.

Anna's raunchy on-screen moment made headlines as BBC presenter Sophie Raworth, 49, appeared completely oblivious to the steamy action being shown behind her as she read the headlines of the night, with many people at home mistakenly thinking that porn was being accidentally shown to millions of viewers.

It looks like Anna Paquin is not embarrassed about the accidental breast slip.

The back left monitor in the 12-second clip above shows a sex scene from "True Blood", during which Paquin takes off her top as well as her bra.

Referring to the amount of attention she had received from fans over the incident, she said 'Now that I know what u guys were talking about this some of the funniest s*** I've seen in a while!

In the viral video, Raworth was seen introducing the news of England's cricket series win over South Africa as a woman on the screen drops her pants to reveal tight pink knickers.

While BBC declared it would investigate the blatant not safe for work error, Paquin found the humor in it, despite her topless chest being blasted across English TV screens - and ultimately, the internet.

The actor's husband, Stephen Moyer, also enjoyed his wife's BBC news breakthrough - as did Kazinsky, who joined the Twitter thread.

True Blood drew to a close after seven seasons in 2012.

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