'I still call Australia home-ophobic': Tim Minchin's marriage message

Carla Harmon
August 11, 2017

"We love our children and I object, as does every person who cares about children.to being told our children are a stolen generation", Senator Wong told parliament in an impassioned speech, referring to comments made by the Australian Christian Lobby.

Supporters say it would give ordinary people a voice in a debate dominated by activists.

Mr Abbott: "If you are anxious about freedom of speech and freedom of religion, vote no".

The legalisation of same-sex marriage is inevitable.

Turnbull said Tuesday if Parliament rejected the plebiscite a voluntary national postal vote would be held instead without parliamentary approval.

'I took myself off the electoral role late last year as I don't think I'll be returning within six years but now I want to re-enrol purely so I can vote in the plebiscite, ' said Jared Verbakel, 35. But he credited Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the compromise option which Mr Turnbull says honours the election commitment that there be no parliamentary vote unless the people had they say.

"This view overseas, this degeneration we've seen, where people are suing people for their lifelong religious beliefs is part of political correctness gone insane - we don't want to see that here", Mr Hawke told Sky News.

Sharing a video to Facebook, the comedian re-writes Peter Allen'sI Still Call Australia Home, taking aim at the government and postal plebiscite that is likely to take place, encouraging Australians to vote in the postal poll in an effort to legalise same-sex marriage.

Q What happens in the case of a "yes" vote?

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday night, Mr Howard rejected his 2004 decision was the cause of the Coalition's present day day pain, saying his government had "good reason" to act because ministers feared "unelected judges" would allow gay couples to Wednesday.

'It has never been attempted ever in the making of laws in Australia.

With the Australian public set to vote on same-sex marriage, Margaret Court has urged people to vote "no" in what she calls a "disappointing" poll.

Australia could legalize same-sex marriage by as early as the end of this year, after the government announced an attempt to hold a national vote on the issue. We stand with you.

The major problem with the mail-ordered change to the Marriage Act is that the process would be meaningless.

He also pointed out that as normal electoral rules would not apply in the postal vote, there would be "no protection against ballot fraud, electoral bribery, intimidation, interfering with the electoral roll, publishing misleading and deceptive material".

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