WhatsApp Enables Sending Any File Type in the Latest Update

Yolanda Curtis
July 14, 2017

The update limits the file size sharing up to 100MB, which is more than enough for sharing large documents on the go.

WhatsApp has added yet another useful feature that lets you send any type of file to your contacts.

One of the most appreciated update by Whatsapp community was "Whatsapp Web", introduced in 2015, through which users can access whatsapp using any browser. However, with the latest update, users can send any files including apk files and zip archives. Last year, WhatsApp launched video calling and earlier this year, two-step verification was rolled out to all of its users.

Other than this, one can swipe up to see all photos and videos in the in-app camera. This means, If you send or receive multiple photos or video in a chat, they will be automatically be grouped together as an album, creating a tile display within your messages. The thumbnail will show only three photos along with the number of total photos to the side.

This is very useful for those people who used to shift between Whatsapp and mail or some other app just to share an unsupported file format.

There is also good news and that is WhatsApp will now stop compressing your photos, meaning that you can send the original to the other person and not worry about the quality being downgraded due to compression.

The new update is rolling out for Android and iOS now. If you haven't got the update yet, check in your updates section of the Google PlayStore or App Store.

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