United States to admit 15000 additional temporary workers this year: DHS

Andrew Cummings
July 17, 2017

While he was still serving in the Senate, Attorney General Jeff Sessions past year sent a letter to the Senate Appropriations Committee asking them not to dramatically increase the number of H-2B visas as the House had done in a temporary spending bill.

Companies seeking to hire additional temporary foreign workers will need to submit a document under penalty of perjury that shows they would suffer irreparable harm without the additional help.

H-2B visas allow non-agricultural workers to gain temporary employment in the United States if businesses are unable to find qualified USA workers.

"We're talking about American businesses that are at risk of suffering irreparable harm if they don't get additional H-2B workers", the official said. "So we do think that fits into the American-first focus of the administration".

This may seem out of line with U.S. president Donald Trump's "Hire American" initiative, and his efforts to reduce or delay visas for skilled foreign workers. "It's still going to be weeks before any of the workers who are available can make it here". But now that he occupies the White House, Trump is apparently coming around to the employers' point of view, which is that there aren't enough American workers willing to take the jobs at wages employers can afford to pay. The cap was met on March 13 this year.

A senior DHS official told NBC News that businesses applying for the program must state that they will be irreparably harmed without a workforce boost, so the additional visas are consistent with an "America First" policy.

"It's not that Americans don't want work, it's that Americans don't want these jobs because they're back-breaking hard work", Bishop said.

The available data "suggests that raising the H-2B cap is a bad idea", Costa said in an email.

Indications have emerged that a crackdown on visitors with visa overstays is imminent in the United States of America with Nigeria, Brazil, Venezuela, China and Colombia listed as countries with the most total overstays that do not participate in the visa waiver programme.

This isn't the first time the federal government has issued additional H-2B visas after the annual cap was reached. "Nonetheless, this is yet another example of the administration and Congress failing to keep the Trump campaign promise of putting American workers first".

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