Samsung to manufacture iPhone chips for Apple again, report says

Pablo Tucker
July 20, 2017

Other analysts have warned that the third phone could actually lag behind the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus, blaming production delays for that.

According to IT Pro, Apple suffered from the screen technology's severe shortages, while complications around the front fingerprint scanner's inclusion may force the tech company to ditch the feature entirely.

If the new iPhone with an OLED screen launches in October, none of the sales will be counted in Apple's September quarter, which could be weaker than what Wall Street is expecting. The most exciting part of the report details his expectations for the iPhone 8 in the coming months.

iPhone 8 release date: The next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 8 was said to be released by this September initially.

However, the report also speculated that there will supply issues during the initial launch window and J.P. Morgan adjusted their expected shipments to reflect that. Therefore, the release of iPhone may now not happen as early as September 8, 2017. However, they won't be for this year's iPhone 8. Of course, production should reach full capacity in time for the remainder of the holiday shopping season. Production will then begin after Apple's approval. While there appears to be no problem with the production of the A11 chips, the iPhone 8 is still rumored to be delayed by a few weeks due to setbacks in the implementation of certain components of the handset. Given that Apple is the biggest company in the world, it makes flawless sense that Samsung would look to secure a new deal to produce iPhone chips. The smartphone is expected to have a $1,200 price tag. The speculation is that iPhone 8 might be too expensive even for some Apple lovers, and people might want to look at iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus instead. Thanks to the high price of iPhone 8 that the financial status will have a great hike after the release of the device. The higher pricing of the iPhone 8 will create a completely new tier of iPhone while keeping intact the existing tier of devices we have become accustom to.

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