Pokémon Sun & Moon Giveaway Lets Players Nab A Shiny Tapu Koko

Yolanda Curtis
July 14, 2017

To obtain this shiny, legendary Pokémon, you will need to select "Mystery Gift" from your Sun or Moon main menu instead of "Continue".

It just went live in North America last night, but it's also available in Europe and Australia right now. Once in Mystery Gift, you will be asked how you wish to receive your gift.

Unlike the standard yellow-and-orange Tapu Koko, the shiny coloration is a suave black and orange. Tapu Koko will also be holding the item Electric Seed, which boosts its holder's defense when there is Electric Terrain.

Speak to the delivery person in any Pokémon Center to pick up Tapu Koko.

The moves Tapu Koko will know are Nature's Madness, Discharge, Agility and Electro Ball. This rare island guardian is equipped with the Electric Surge ability, which electrifies the area when he enters battle.

Holing the Electrium Z will unlock the Gigavolt Havoc attack, dealing 160 base damage to other Pokemon Sun and Moon creatures. Indeed, along with Niantic's continued dedication to improving the Pokemon GO experience with events and celebrations galore, the hype train for one of gaming's most revered franchises just keeps on steaming ahead.

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