Plane evacuated after passenger's fart makes travellers ill

Andrew Cummings
July 17, 2017

RALEIGH, North Carolina - Officials with the Raleigh-Durham International Airport say that a jet was evacuated Sunday after a person "passed gas", making passengers feel ill.

According to WNCN, passengers were evacuated from the plane after experiencing "headaches and nausea" caused by the odor.

The International Business Times reported the sick man "broke wind so violently it caused nausea and headaches among his fellow passengers", citing a U.S. airport official as its source. Authorities later said the incident was a "medical call" and directed all questions to Wake County Emergency Medical Service.

American Airlines officials admitted that there indeed was an odour issue, but rubbished reports that the reason was because of a passenger passing gas.

American Airlines faced a big stink aboard one of its flights - but the airline insisted Monday that claims of a gassy passenger are a bunch of hot air.

Officials refused to identify any more details about the flight or where it was heading to. "But it is not due to "passed gas" as mentioned," airline spokesman Ross Feinstein said. The incident reportedly made several other passengers sick.

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