OnePlus 5 smartphones reboot when users call emergency services

Pablo Tucker
July 18, 2017

If some users' complaints are to believed, the newly launched OnePlus smartphone may have a bug that reboots the phone when an emergency number is dialled. It abruptly reboots when the user tries to dial the 911 emergency hotline. In the three years since, it's moved all the way on to the OnePlus 5 which appears to be boasting an unusual and unsettling feature: it reboots if you try to call 911.

Several Reddit users have corroborated facing similar issues on their OnePlus 5 units. A Redditor named Nick Morrelli has also uploaded a video of the issue on the device.

This is obviously not ideal and one can only hope that OnePlus figure out quickly what's wrong here and send out a fix for it. Users should always have the peace of mind that they can reach emergency services on their phone should there ever be a need for it. Imagine being stuck in an emergency, and your phone starts rebooting instead of getting you through 911 hotline.

Smartphone maker OnePlus first made a name for itself in 2014 with the OnePlus One, a cheap, high-quality handset that was available by invite only.

We have seen 911 call issues in the past from other manufacturers and they are incredibly serious. Will OnePlus act that fast if this is a software bug?

OnePlus says that it is investigating the issue, and is advising OnePlus 5 users who encounter this bug to contact it. Thus far, OnePlus hasn't mentioned this issue on its Twitter account, but this issue is bound to get more attention as the day goes on.

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