Man rescued after being trapped for 3 hours inside ATM

Andrew Cummings
July 16, 2017

Police arrived to the 400 block of North Mesquite Street about 2:05 p.m. after a passerby saw a note the man slipped in the receipt slot asking for someone to help him. I'm stuck in here, and I don't have my phone. Nor did he have his cellphone with him to call for help.

The contractor was inside the ATM's vault room trying to fix the electronic lock and was trapped by the same lock. However, one of them chose to call the police.

He passed notes to customers who drove up to the ATM. "Please call my boss", with the number written below. According to a police officer, he was a contractor who was appointed to work on the machine when he accidentally locked himself inside. Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Richard Olden said that he could hear a faint sound when he listened closely. The police had to bring down a door to help the stuck man out of it.

The contractor had been working on changing the lock to a room that was attached to the ATM and got stuck inside the machine.

But the officers duly investigated the cash dispenser at a waterfront Bank of America office in Corpus Christi, after clients said they had received perplexing notes saying "please help".

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