Lana Del Rey drops two new tracks

Carla Harmon
July 14, 2017

Don't be alarmed if you listen to this once and suddenly feel like you want high-tops and "blood-red sangria", because that's what Lana wants you to feel.

The "Lust For Life" singer releases her two new tracks titled "Groupie Love" with the Harlem rapper, as well as "Summer Bummer" with Rocky and Playboi Carti. While a harsh drum loop plays in the background, accompanied by skittering hi-hats, Lana, A$AP Rocky, and, a new edition, Playboi Carti, sing/rap about a summer fling tinged with secrecy. "Summer Bummer" is supposed to be a sequel to her famed and well-known, 'Summertime Sadness.' It is presumably about a secret lover, and her passion for hip-hop music.

This new album will be her fifth studio album and it will hit the stores on July 21, as already announced by Lana del Rey. The songs starts with Lana's attractive voice accompanied by classic Carti ad-libs throughout the background as the beat begins to creep in.

Both tracks feature rapper A$AP Rocky, while other guests on the album include Stevie Nicks, Sean Lennon and of course, The Weeknd.

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