HTC U 11 Gets Amazon Alexa App

Cheryl Sanders
July 17, 2017

Google Home is priced at a whopping $129.99 and it is interesting to note how the market - which is now filled with smart-home speakers - does not offer customers products as cheap as Amazon Echo. So if the U11 is sitting on a table and you say "Alexa", it will hear you and its screen will wake up, but you'll have to manually unlock the phone before you say the rest of your request.

As of now, Amazon sells the HTC U11 smartphone with the new support for Amazon Alexa.

Otherwise, in the apps current state as of the date of this post, its hard to recommend a current Amazon Echo owner to enable this feature given that Google Assistant performs most if not all the same voice commands with a more polished and consistent experience.

HTC has announced the launch of a new Amazon Alexa app on their HTC U 11 smartphone and the app works hands free on the handset. Functionally, this is the same as touching the Alexa icon on the Mate 9 (which also works on the U11), but it's always nice to have options.

Nothing about Alexa on the phone takes advantage of the fact that it's on the phone. Amazon may sacrifice some Echo hardware sales in rolling out the feature to the U11, but it has a chance to generate money through sales directed to via Alexa.

The HTC U11 is getting some new features. At launch you can't train the voice model for waking up Alexa, nor can you do some specific functions like create reminders or make calls. HTC says that it expects people to go to Amazon's Alexa management app to view more information when they want, but I don't think that should be necessary. Once you've activated the app once, you'll also get a notification with suggested things to ask Alexa and a microphone activation button. It can connect easily to Amazon's retail website and let your shop for products, by just using a voice-input.

The best bit is that an update to HTC's Edge Sense means that you can "squeeze" the HTC U11 to fire-up Alexa.

With most of the normal everyday people being likely to using Siri or Google Assistant on their smartphones, provided the drive for HTC to provide both experience to their customers as several million of smartphones in the world are Amazon Alexa Supported. The update to the Edge Sense is available on the Play Store from today itself and you can get your device updated with this new sense right now to test out this new Assistant on your phone.

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