Elon Musk: AI 'Scariest Problem' Facing Civilization

Pablo Tucker
July 17, 2017

At the bipartisan National Governors Association in Rhode Island, Musk also spoke about energy sources, his own electric vehicle company and space travel. Recently, Musk said that AI is one rare thing he would suggest to regulate.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Saturday that there was "no way" he could have stayed on the White House advisory councils after President Donald Trump announced in June he would pull the U.S. out of the landmark Paris climate agreement.

"AI is a fundamental existential risk to human civilisation, and I don't think people appreciate that", he added.

Those are solid words from a man once in awhile connected with cyber-libertarianism, an intensely hostile to direction belief system exemplified by any semblance of Peter Thiel, who helped to establish Paypal with Musk.

Right now the government doesn't even have insight.

"I'm against over regulation for sure. AI is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization".

"You kind of need the regulators to do that for all the teams in the game". He further said: "I just asked him to come down to Louisiana and sit down with us, sit down with the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association and work out some compromise, which they have successfully done in other states". The OpenAI and Neuralink co-founder sat down with United States lawmakers to discuss the urgent need for AI regulation and how it will be "too late" if they don't act now.

According to Mask, the artificial intelligence can be used in the information war, in particular the propagation of fake news.

"Once there is awareness, people will be extremely afraid, as they should be", Musk said. The whole essence of his conversation was that killer robots should definitely be stopped. He urges the government to get a basic understanding of the impact and influence of Artificial Intelligence in the human society.

"Until people see robots going down the street killing people, they don't know how to react because it seems so ethereal", he said about the tech sector's furious pursuit of artificial intelligence. "The pen is mightier than the sword".

Musk fears just such a thing could potentially happen to self-driving cars ... or entire fleets of self-driving cars. So for example, a smart auto, which is powered by artificial intelligence, the future envisions a situation where there will be little or no human interference needed while driving or parking on the roads.

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