Doctor finds 27 lenses in woman's eye

Henrietta Brewer
July 17, 2017

A woman and her doctor were both shocked to discover almost 30 contact lenses stuck together in the woman's eye when she went in for routine cataract surgery.

At first surgeons found the 17 lenses before recovering another ten from one of the woman's eyeball.

She told Optometry Today, "It was such a large mass". Dr. Morjaria said it was like nothing she had ever seen before.

The patient had been wearing disposable contacts for 35 years but had not been to the optometrist for her regular appointments.

Reported by the British Medical Journal, the 67-year-old woman had been experiencing a "blueish mass" that was simply written off as dry eye or old age. She claimed that she was unaware that the lenses were missing.

As related by Optometry Today, the patient was not aware that she had several contact lenses missing at the time she was scheduled to receive cataract surgery.

Rupal Morjaria, specialist trainee ophthalmologist who dealt with the case at Solihull Hospital in the United Kingdom said that "none of us have ever seen this before".

With the discovery, the patient's cataract surgery was pushed back as she had a higher risk of contracting endophthalmitis.

As per reports, the 67-year-old British woman had surprisingly not complained of any problems relating to her contact lenses so far.

Also Read: Viral Story: Michigan woman asks her boss a medical leave for mental health, his reply will blow your mind! Two weeks after her lenses were retracted, she felt much comfortable. "How did she not feel the lenses?" In fact, she chose to publish the case because most doctors didn't think it was possible for someone to lose so many contact lenses in their eyes without suffering from severe symptoms.

This highlights the importance of selecting appropriate patients for the use of contact lenses and monitoring contact lens wearers, it added.

Morjaria warned that it's important to have regular check-ups for those wearing contact lenses.

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