Destiny 2 Trailer Teases Activities on New Planet Nessus

Pablo Tucker
July 18, 2017

Destiny 2 Beta started from July 18, has a bigger goal just than delivering demo content. PS4 players are the first one to try out, next is Xbox One users and finally, an Open Beta period for all platforms will be available from July 21 to July 23, 2017.

Xbox One owners who pre-ordered Destiny 2 can get in on the action tomorrow, at the same time.

Non pre-ordering players can access the beta on both consoles from the 21st of July.

During the Destiny 2 beta, you'll have access to each of the new subclasses: the Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan. "And obviously, we're testing the servers, we're testing our matchmaking, the login queues, the sign-in, but even more than that, we're testing our internal processes for releasing a game, and there are all kinds of things you don't discover until you have to put something out in the world".

Bungie also outlined the PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold requirements for playing the beta.

Destiny 2's beta includes the game's opening story mission Homecoming, AKA the one where the Tower gets blown up, and a strike mission, The Inverted Spire.

The actual beta test will start on the 18th of July at 10 am PDT for the Playstation 4 players.

There may be some issues as you participate in Destiny 2's early access and open betas.

Traditionally a beta is an early version of a game, the last major step before it's completely finished.

Players may experience a variety of networking error codes when attempting to play the Beta.

Players sometimes are Kicked to Orbit after witnessing a black screen when entering a Countdown match.

What is in the Destiny 2 beta?

Not all content is localized in all languages.

Making sure your game can handle a lot of players is crucial, especially when you consider that at its peak, Destiny had a staggering 25 million active users spending an average of around three hours every single time they played.

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