'Destiny 2' Glitch Opens Door to Hidden Content

Pablo Tucker
July 20, 2017

When you begin the strike, don't go anywhere; just kill the fodder enemies in the area until you see pikes arrive. For the curious, Warlocks gets Dawnblade and Voidwalker, Hunters can utilise Arcstrider and Gunslinger, and Titans can call upon Striker or Sentinel. They each also feature one of two primary abilities.

It should be mentioned that, at least in the Destiny 2 beta, the modifications do not contemplate exotic armament and it is expected that this will remain the same once the game is released.

One of life's few certainties: if there's new Destiny content, Destiny fans are going to pick it apart. First, after you select a class, you will play the game's first story mission, titled "Homecoming". It's about the events that lead to Guardians losing their powers.

Whereas before it was unspoken that groups tackling raids would be nice to each other, Bungie have put it in writing for Destiny 2. There will be fun and games, but make no mistake: "This is a test!", read a message on a recent Bungie blog post.

Thankfully, the glitch can only be performed in just one activity in the Destiny 2 beta, The Inverted Spire strike.

Despite the Destiny 2 beta's near insurmountable amount of downgrades versus the original's pre-release demos, this is exactly what is needed.

New Social Space: At 10 AM PT on July 23, you can visit the social space The Farm and do things like kick around a soccer ball or make friends with a chicken.

Meanwhile Countdown is an elimination style mode, so you have one life per round, and it works around an attack and defend framework. A good social zone is crucial to a solid RPG experience. Be sure to experiment with all this content before the testing period ends.

It's also worth stressing that no forms of progression - including weapon and armour drops - will carry over into the final game, so collecting additional pieces is simply a nice excuse to keep playing the beta. First team to six wins. Or perhaps even less, since it seems like the weapons won't have variable rolls like they do in the original game, reducing (or removing) the allure of grinding for that better weapon. The team with the highest score wins when time runs out. New powers like the Titan being able to summon a shield that lets you knock down foes akin to Captain America are nice, but they're not exactly a major step up from what we saw in Destiny.

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