Canadian PM meets refugee baby named in his honour

Cheryl Sanders
July 17, 2017

"He held (the baby) and he said, 'This is Justin-Trudeau, ' and then he says, 'I appreciate that you named him after my name'".

Syrian refugees Afraa Hajj Hammoud and Mohammed Belal chose to give their newborn a name that would reflect their gratitude to Canada for allowing them to settle and start a new life. Muhammad and Afraa Bilan originally hail from Syria's capital city Damascus.

Trudeau had recently granted asylum to a number of Syrian refugees who had fled their homes due to the war.

The prime minister's personal photographer Adam Scotti captured the meeting on Saturday afternoon, during the Prime Minister's excursion to the Calgary Stampede. The decision had not come without challenges as refugees had to face difficulties in finding work and also in learning English or French. To solve problems settlement agencies launched workshops to help refugees deal with the anxiety. Some even criticised the government for not doing much for refugees.

Several other Syrian refugees have named their kids Justin as a token of appreciation for Trudeau.

Doso, a Syrian father in Red Deer, named his own son Justin. It's common Arabic culture, said HuffPost, to name a child after a "person of good character". And who can forget Trudeau's heart-warming note on social media, welcoming immigrants to the country, amidst the US President's disregard for the same?

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