Apple's new emojis were just announced

Pablo Tucker
July 17, 2017

The downside, though, is that trying to find an emoji that you know exists can sometimes result in a large amount of scrolling back and forth. In celebration of World Emoji Day - which apparently is a thing - Apple earlier today published a list of 12 new emojis set to arrive on all of Apple's platforms later this year. Do you want more emoji?

From the looks of it, the new emoji in iOS 11 simply represent Apple's take on the most recent Unicode 10 standard which brought 56 new emoji. There's a woman with headscarf, a bearded person, and even one for breastfeeding, for instance.

In total, Apple previewed 11 additional emoji, which are part of the Unicode Emoji 5.0 release.

These new emojis will be coming to our iPhones, iPads and other Apple products sometime in 2017. World Emoji Day is now in its fourth year and the reason 17 July was chosen as the date is because it is the date that is shown on the Calender emoji.

The World Emoji Day website says the day is celebrated on 17 July because the day is famously displayed on the iOS calendar emoji.

These include some new additions like the Face With Monocle, Sandwich, Crazy Face, Exploding Head, and more.

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