Announced Marvel: Powers United VR for Oculus Rift

Carla Harmon
July 17, 2017

Marvel Powers United VR tells the story of The Masters of Evil-a mysterious, nefarious alliance of powerful Super Villains from across the Marvel Universe-who have managed to steal the Cosmic Cube and use it to tear apart the universe, forging new realities subservient to their rule.

Kingdom Hearts III wasn't the only thing detailed at Disney's D23 event over the weekend - the company also announced Marvel Powers United VR.

It was a very interesting show to see where Disney plans to go next with video games as they expand into all of the various avenues available and create their own.

The title is being developed by Sanzaru Games, which has already done a couple VR titles for the Rift, including VR Sports Challenge and Ripcoil.

As for the game's heroes, the trailer featured The Incredible Hulk, Rocket Racoon, and Captain Marvel, but it stands to reason that the final version of the game will feature a much larger roster of playable heroes.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

"We're starting with just a few characters right now, but by launch there will be over a dozen playable Marvel characters and even more team combinations". One time you may get the Kree and Ronan The Accuser as a boss; another time you'll get something totally different.

As you probably noticed, in recent times the world is desperately short of entertainment based on the comic book by Marvel, so Marvel to the rescue and announces another game. Captain Marvel sits at eye level unleashing speedy kicks and attacks. Marvel are now taking that idea a step further with the first full VR videogame from Marvel - Marvel Powers United VR.

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