American doctor will examine Charlie Gard

Henrietta Brewer
July 15, 2017

The doctor, Michio Hirano, whose name was revealed after a court order was lifted Friday, is a professor of neurology at the Columbia University Medical Center in NY.

He says he wants the message to get out "loud and clear" that perpetrators will be punished if they are caught.

"We believe, in common with Charlie's parents, it is right to explore this evidence", they continued.

"Two worldwide hospitals and their researchers have communicated to us as late as the last 24 hours that they have fresh evidence about their proposed experimental treatment", a hospital spokesman said, according to the BBC.

The doctor, whose name and institution can not be named because of a court order, says that new clinical data has emerged that was not available earlier when judges rejected the wish of Charlie Gard's parents to take him to America for treatment.

Hirano claimed that he could treat Gard with at least a 10 percent chance of improving his condition, according to Lifesite News.

The Great Ormond Street Hospital told the court their position remains unchanged, that every medical treatment option had already been explored, and that any experimental treatment would be unjustified. Charlie's mother, Connie Yates, fought to attend and was given permission - even though it would not normally be allowed. But English and European courts have ruled they don't have the right to take their son from the hospital for treatment elsewhere and that the hospital can decide to remove his ventilator instead.

Both the Vatican pediatric hospital and Pope Francis have expressed their support for Charlie. Gard's court appointed guardian, who represents a child's interests instead of the child's parents in the United Kingdom legal system, argued against allowing Gard to be treated. Charlie's parents were so Furious by what the judge said they walked out of the courtroom. The parents of the 11-month old, who has a rare gen.

The American specialist is scheduled to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, where 11-month-old Charlie is being cared for, over two days next week.

"It may be unconventional but this case is full of unconventional aspects", the judge said. "We are not bad parents, we are there for him all the time, we are completely devoted to him and he's not in pain and suffering, and I promise everyone I would not sit there and watch my son in pain and suffering, I couldn't do it". If he is still fighting, then we are still fighting'. Specialist doctors believe his life support systems should be turned off.

He is expected to fly to London next week to carry out an examination of Charlie in person.

A British judge said Friday that Charlie Gard, the 11-month-old baby with a rare, terminal medical condition who has been the center of an ongoing legal battle, can be evaluated by a doctor from the United States. The hospital says Charlie should be allowed to die with dignity.

However, the hospital sought to block their request, citing his poor quality of life.

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