Stabbing suspect involved in 2005 family attack

Cheryl Sanders
June 7, 2017

A 1-year-old granddaughter of Darrington Clark was killed, and her sister was critically injured in the Monday morning stabbing. Ray Mendez told the local newspaper media.

Since then, she had returned to live with her husband and son in Riverside County and had gone to visit her now-grown daughter and granddaughters Monday in Colton, her sister said, adding she did not know what triggered the attack.

Neighbor Patty Williams tells the newspaper the wounded woman had been "stabbed everywhere". Multiple tipsters reported seeing a woman that matched Clark's description setting fires outside a Victorville apartment complex. A judge found her not guilty by reason of insanity.

Hill got caught in the middle of all of the violence this morning and we learn a lot of what happened through him.

"I was anxious she wasn't taking her meds", she said. Bell is the sister-in-law of Nicole Clark.

He says the kid's mom ran to him for help. "The grandma was right behind her, literally coming down the stairs with the bloody knife in her hand, trying to finish the job". "I said 'what happened?' She said, 'my mom grabbed me and started stabbing". She's going to kill my kids. She said her mother had stabbed her and her two children.

According to Hill... when she heard he was calling the police, the woman took off in her auto. No longer looking for her or the vehicle.

Police are searching for a grandmother who is wanted in connection with the stabbing death of her 18-month-old granddaughter in Colton, Calif., authorities confirm. Damani's 5-year-old sister was found hiding in a closet with stab wounds.

Police decided they couldn't wait for paramedics and took the girl to the hospital, Hill said. "It's still too early in the investigation, we're not too sure what she's been doing since she's been on the run since yesterday morning", said police Cpl.

On Sunday evening, Williams and other neighbors said they heard Darrington-Clark yelling and acting somewhat erratically. "I feel like my soul left my body because this is disgusting". She said she doesn't know what prompted her sister's actions at the apartment in Colton, about 60 miles (97 kilometers) east of Los Angeles.

In an earlier case, Darrington-Clark was sent to a state mental hospital after a judge found her not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2005 attempted murder of her own children. She was expected to be confined for 34 years to life, with progress reports on her condition due every six months, according to a news report from her sentencing.

Neither child was seriously injured. Police did not immediately reply to a message seeking answers to those questions. An officer spotted the vehicle Clark was last seen in near a fast food restaurant and found her inside, according to Colton police.

Cindy O'Neal, Clark's longtime friend, said Tuesday she was relieved Clark had been found, especially before she hurt anyone else or herself. "I never thought she would do anything like this".

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