Snapchat is taking a crack at maps with new Snap Map feature

Yolanda Curtis
June 22, 2017

The new Snap Map can be used to find existing friends as well as view content from popular events going on nearby, Snapchat said.

Users can choose if they want their location to appear on others' maps. Plus, meeting up can be a cinch. Users can zoom in and out on the map to see where their friends are and what photos and videos they're sharing from that location.

While only the people you choose can see your location, snaps you submit to "Our Story" - a collection of snaps submitted from different users throughout the community - can still show up on the map.

Snapchat is very quick to note that your location is only updated when you open the app - so there shouldn't be any background tracking to worry about. The update introduces a Snap Map feature, not one that gives your directions on how to get around, but one that allows users to select a location and browse stories from the area.

Your location on the Snap Map is only updated when using Snap Chat, and your location on the map expires after several hours.

The map uses Actionmoji (think Bitmoji but smarter) to designate where you are and, here's where the potential creep factor comes in, what you're up to. US Bancorp DE bought a new position in shares of Snap during the first quarter worth $101,000. If you don't want anyone knowing where you are, you can opt for "Ghost Mode".

Even it lets you follow the places or events where your friends are hanging out and what they're up to.

The new feature, called Snap Map, debuted on Wednesday for all iOS and Android app users around the world. If you're on a date, do you want friends showing up to hang out?

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