Rex Tillerson says Trump has asked him to rebuild Russian Federation relationship

Cheryl Sanders
June 6, 2017

President Donald Trump asked Secretary of State Rex Tillerson not to let the ongoing political saga back home stand in the way of improving ties with Moscow, the top USA diplomat said Tuesday.

United States media travelling with Tillerson were surprised by the number of people flipping the bird at Tillerson as his motorcade sped through town.

Bill English and Rex Tillerson.

"I've been in motorcades for a couple of years now".

Asked about Trump's unpredictability on Twitter, Tillerson said that the US president "has his own unique way of communication with the American people and the world".

New York Times White House correspondent Gardiner Harris, who travelled with Tillerson, told local news platform that even he was surprised by the negative reaction of the public.

United States protection officers travelling were overhead joking about the "warm" welcome, Fairfax reported.

About 300 campaigners gathered on parliament's forecourt to demonstrate at the USA administration's attitude to climate change and President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

About 150 protesters braved the driving rain and demonstrated against the USA decision to withdraw from the Paris climate deal.

The first visit to New Zealand by the Trump Administration will take place on Tuesday.

"New Zealand have for a long time not liked various presidents of the USA and disagreed with their views about our anti-nuke policies for 30 years".

Tillerson, who was in Wellington, New Zealand, said he couldn't comment on the details of the Russian Federation investigations or whether they could bring down the administration because "I have no direct knowledge".

Labour leader Andrew Little also raised concerns with Mr Tillerson about the "ideosyncratic nature of (Mr Trump's) leadership" and its impact on world affairs and worldwide relations.

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