Phil Spencer wants to extend Xbox backwards compatibility to PC

Yolanda Curtis
June 21, 2017

Last Sunday at Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017, Microsoft has officially announced the Xbox One X, formerly known as Project Scorpio based on past leaks. In addition to being its most powerful console, Microsoft says it is also the smallest they've ever released.

While the debate on whether or not the Xbox One X is really worth $499 continues, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed that Microsoft will not be making money for the Xbox One X units that will be sold.

A 6 teraflops of graphical power, more than its main competitor, the PS4 Pro, with 4.2 teraflops.

The system will also be backwards compatible and be able to play other Xbox games.

Microsoft is also treating this console as both a mid-generation update to Xbox One and the first console in a new wave of gaming philosophy on their part. The tech company is using a custom GPU engine on Xbox One X that runs at 1172MHz, a huge boost over the 853MHz of Xbox One and even the 911MHz on Sony's PS4 Pro. It measures up on the inside with a sleek new design and the smallest console in the history of Xbox, the X is as compact as it is powerful.

I look at Pro as more of a competitor to S than I do to Xbox One X. This is a true 4K console.

The Xbox Game Pass, too, which is a monthly subscription service offering a library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, may well be coming to PC in the future. PlayStation is on the other end of the spectrum, releasing their own VR headset and spending a good portion of Monday night's press conference announcing new games for the headset. On the stations that Microsoft had set up at E3, we got some hands on time with a range of titles, including indie stunners like Ashen, Microsoft Studios headlines Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed Origins and Crackdown 3.

If you have a loft full of old Xbox games you might want to dust them off. The console has the kind of horsepower that you'd expect in a high-end gaming PC.

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