Overheated French male bus drivers don skirts in defiance of dress code

Henrietta Brewer
June 23, 2017

According to International Business Times, the drivers called the shorts ban "absurd", and pointed out that female drivers are allowed to wear skirts, but men are not allowed to wear shorts.

Colleague Gabriel Magner, another union representative, claimed it was a form of discrimination.

According to The Telegraph, union member Gabriel Magner said that the high temperatures behind the windscreen combined with a lack of air conditioning in buses makes it "unbearable in pants". "That's why we have come to work in them", he said.

"We are wearing skirts, because they are the authorized outfits in the company", one driver told a local French media site.

Bus drivers in Nantes, France, are wearing skirts to work to show their disapproval at not being allowed to wear shorts as a heat wave sweeps across the country.

They stated that their uniform was "not appropriate" for summers with high temperatures and they "envy women who wears skirts at moments like this". On Tuesday, the drivers wore skirts to work to protest against their working conditions, arguing that once they are in the driver's seat none of the passengers can see them anyway.

Complaining about the ban, Mr Magner told the website: "The bosses' offices at Semitan are air-conditioned and that's not the case for the majority of vehicles. We've been asking for this since 2013", he added. "The new buses all have air conditioning even in the driver's compartment. and my office doesn't", Pascal Bolo, president of the bus company Semitan tells the Guardian.

"It's hard but it's only a few days of the year", Bolo said.

The Union banned shorts not just in France, but in Sweden and the United Kingdom also. We're not in Monpellier [in the south] after all.

In the United Kingdom, boys at ISCA Academy in Exeter also requested the administration to change their uniform because of the hot weather.

"Shorts are not now part of our uniform for boys and I would not want to make any changes without consulting both students and their families".

'However, with hotter weather becoming more normal, I would be happy to consider a change for the future'.

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