Microsoft Details Specs for Xbox One X, Formerly Called Project Scorpio

Pablo Tucker
June 14, 2017

It will cost $499 (or approx Rs. 32,192).

The new gadget is called the Xbox One X, and it's created to deliver high-fidelity, PC-quality games on a device that's easier to use than a computer.

At $500, Microsoft's new Xbox One X console is pricey for a game machine.

While that graphical processing power will see the console compare very positively with gaming PCs in the same price range, it may struggle to help Microsoft win market share from Sony. Scorpio was also a cooler name than Xbox One X and probably would've helped sales.

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The new console runs games at 60 frames per second (fps) and is equipped with 12 GB RAM and a graphics processor capable of carrying out 6 trillion floating point operations per second.

Microsoft announced that there would be at least 42 games available for the Xbox One X, of which 22 will be offered on a console-exclusive basis.

He did say that it will be compatible with games developed for the original Xbox One and Xbox 360, many of which will play faster and look better, the company said. It upscales every game to 4K UHD unlike the previous version Xbox One S.

Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference had its ups and downs; there were some great moments and there were situations that left us scratching our heads. On paper, it's clear that the PS4 Pro is competing with the Xbox One S, rather than the Xbox One X.

This drops down the price of the Xbox One S to $249 for the 500GB bundle and $299 for the 1TB bundle.

And while Sony started to sell its PS VR headset as an accessory to the PlayStation 4 previous year, Microsoft kept mum on VR Sunday.

Without a doubt, the E3 reveal of the Xbox One X was Microsoft's biggest gambit in an effort to finally even things out with the Sony PlayStation 4. The console went on sale previous year and is priced at $399 (or approx Rs. 25,856).

Speaking to Eurogamer, Spencer was asked whether he is anxious about the Xbox One X costing $100 (£78) more than the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X is hailed by the company to be the "smallest Xbox, ever" lending to its minimalist design.

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