Micheal Bay Strikes Again with "Transformers 5" Shot in Native Stereoscopic 3D

Carla Harmon
June 28, 2017

You can hardly blame Michael Bay for continuing to work with the franchise, for it allows him to do what he does best and paint of the biggest canvas imaginable (reportedly 98% of the film was shot on IMAX cameras) - indeed, for all of the bad dialogue, the preposterousness of the story and some hammy acting, it's Bay's penchant for all things action that gives The Last Knight it's saving grace.

"I met with Michael before he started shooting Transformers: The Last Knight", Jablonsky said in a press release. "One more", Michael Bay told Rolling Stone.

Among wide-opening Hollywood studio movies, "Transformers: The Last Knight" has the week to itself.

As an action star, Mark Wahlberg is ready for any trouble that comes his way, but off screen, the father of four admits that there's one thing he's not ready for just yet - his daughter having a dating life.

But not even the unusual sight of Anthony Hopkins acting across a Transformer is worth a summer movie with a running time of over two hours, and that's what you'll have to go through if you decide to go see this movie.

"This will be the last one in the series [for me]", Wahlberg said on the red carpet at the Showcase Cinema de Lux Patriot Place before the screening. But these movies are also extremely hard to make, and Michael has a lot of other things that he likes to do. "I mean, that's just the Michael that I know, but you never know, sometimes people decide to move on, so we'll see what happens". I know these films make a lot of money, but could someone please reign Bay in just a little bit?

It is not unusual for Bay's work to attract derision from reviewers. That's an ending for you. Fast forward 1,600 years, and there is war between them, and Optimus Prime is gone.

So, despite all that, should we expect another one soon enough?

Jablonsky's score for Transformers: The Last Knight is out on digital platforms Friday. Bay is known for rehashing scenes from previous Transformers films lazily inserting them into new installments, but this time he rehashes his own actors with Age of Extinction's Stanley Tucci playing Merlin this time around.

"I'm doing Transformers...5, is it?" If audiences get anything of value out of this, it's that you can look dapper while pushing 80. The objective of that movie is to develop more time with less robots in a way, and to go back to 1985 and go back to sort of the original heritage if you would of the Transformers. We'll say 2009's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" still is the worst, but it's close.

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