Labour's Corbyn says council did not have resources to tackle London fire

Labour's Corbyn says council did not have resources to tackle London fire

Cheryl Sanders
June 19, 2017

Metropolitan Police Commander Stuart Cundy says police will seek criminal prosecutions if the evidence warrants. Unfortunately, that number is only expected to rise as officials continue to search for dozens of missing persons.

"Frankly, the support on the ground for families who needed help or basic information in the initial hours after this appalling disaster was not good enough", she said.

Hundreds also stormed the Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall on Friday evening, chanting "Theresa May must go", and in front of the Home Office, where signs contained messages like "Justice for Grenfell" and "Homes for people not profit".

"I'm positive because I think it was a real chance for local residents, people affected by this tragedy, to voice their concerns directly to the prime minister so that she could hear them".

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, London mayor Sadiq Khan, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth, 91, have all visited residents from the tower which housed around 600 people.

Prior to the meeting with victims, other residents of the block and volunteer workers, she chaired a meeting of a government task force on the disaster.

It has since emerged that the United States had banned the type of cladding thought to have been used on Grenfell Tower.

"We are here today because you must look at that building with tears streaming down your face", one woman told the group as they neared the foot of the tower. At the very least, the survivors of the fire who have lost their homes must be consulted about where they wish to live.

"Newspapers are calling May's decision not to meet survivors the day after the blaze her "Hurricane Katrina" moment", NPR's Frank Langfitt notes. He promised an exhaustive investigation into the fire which would include scrutiny of the renovation works on the block which some experts believe may have left the building more vulnerable to the catastrophic blaze.

Many residents of the building remain unaccounted for, and police said numerous remains may never be identified.

As police tried to block them from accessing the upper floors of the building, people waved placards and shouted complaints about a perceived lack of response from the local authority.

She also met with injured survivors in hospital and announced a £5 million ($6.4 million, 5.7 million euro) fund for emergency supplies, food and clothing. As an absolute priority, what we are all doing is, as quickly and with as much dignity as we can, recovering those that are still inside.

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