Iran arrests 41 suspects over Tehran attacks - ministry

Cheryl Sanders
June 14, 2017

The Tehran Security Council had convened an emergency meeting after two terror attacks occurred on the Iranian Parliament and Imam Khomeini Mausoleum respectively on Wednesday.

Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps blamed the assault on regional rival Saudi Arabia and has threatened revenge.

It described them as "long affiliated with the Wahhabi", an ultraconservative form of Sunni Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia.

The assaults have further fueled tension between Riyadh and Tehran as they vie for control of the Gulf and influence in the wider Islamic world. Still, Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has previously stated his belief that the United States created the Islamic State, referred to as Daesh in the Middle East. Khamenei recently tweeted from his English-language Twitter account that the United States created and is supporting the Islamic State in order to "defame true Islam" and promote Sunni Wahhabism.

Also Thursday, Hesam al-Din Ashna, cultural adviser to President Hasan Rouhani, warned against executing people convicted of belonging to extremist organizations in response to the latest attacks.

Press TV quoted Iran's Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi, as saying in a televised interview on Saturday that the mastermind of the terrorist attack on Iran's Parliament and the shrine of Ayatollah Khomeini on June 7 were killed earlier in the day by the intelligence forces.

That was condemned by Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who tweeted: "Repugnant WH (White House) Iranians counter terror backed by USA clients".

Also on Thursday, the government released photographs of five men who were killed by security forces Thursday: four in the siege of parliament, and one in an assault on the mausoleum.

He said anti-Iranian remarks by Saudi Arabia's foreign minister and U.S. President Donald Trump are a "matter of disgrace" for them.

Police said five people were arrested around Khomeini's shrine on suspicion of involvement, while the intelligence ministry said a third team had been stopped before the attacks started.

But Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has said "we still can not judge that Saudi Arabia has had a role in this terrorist incident".

Documents and equipment "for carrying out terrorist operations" were seized, it said.

The Mizanonline website, which is close to the judiciary, earlier reported nine arrests.

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