E3 2017 | Bethesda Announce Creation Club, a Hub for Mods

Pablo Tucker
June 14, 2017

The full Fallout 4 and Doom experiences are coming to Virtual Reality later this year.

Fallout 4 VR, meanwhile, has the larger price of $59.99.

A statement in the Creation Club FAQ section reads: "Creators are required to submit documentation pitches which go through an approval process". Breath of the Wild's popularity (because it is seriously a ideal game), we were beyond excited to see the addition of BoTW gear to the wonderful world of Skyrim.

Players will be able to visit this shop within the game and spend credits of some kind to buy mods. We've looked at many ways to do "paid mods", and the problems outweigh the benefits.

My boss Stephen Totilo called this during the pre-show with Geoff Keighley. Dishonored: Death of the Outsider should be available in September. Lurk's mentor Doud also features in the game and plays a role similar to his appearance in previous Dishonored DLC. Which is a nice warming bonus, I was fearing it would be a £50 game with no DLC attached for a moment there. As such, The Evil Within 2 will be out this October on Friday the 13th, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus just two weeks later on the 27th (the same day as Assassin's Creed Origins). It looks pretty intuitive from the trailer, but unfortunately we didn't get to see any real-time demonstrations of the game in action on-stage.

A brand new Wolfenstein game was also revealed during the event.

Apparently BJ Blazkovitz survived the end of The New Order, along with a surprising number of the main cast from the first game. This game is about to get more dragon-y, as Bethesda serves up the "Heroes of Skyrim" expansion for the new game. The mods include new items, armour, weapons, characters and worlds which will seamlessly apply to the games and to any save files.

Bethesda's E3 invite contains lots of hints about what the company could show off.

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