Classes resume after threats at Washington state college

Cheryl Sanders
June 6, 2017

Olympia, Washington's Evergreen State College has reopened five days after being closed down on June 1 on account of threats of violence, the Olympian reported Monday.

Founded as a "hippie school" with no grades or majors, Evergreen State College may have been ripe for a student takeover - but academics warn what has happened in Olympia, Washington, could happen anywhere. Administrators didn't immediately provide further explanation.

"Even though we had planned to be back in class on Monday, it's important to give law enforcement an opportunity to evaluate their new information", said Sandra Kaiser, Evergreen's vice president for college relations, in a statement received by The Olympian.

On May 23, Mr. Weinstein's class was interrupted by more than 50 students who took issue with an email he wrote explaining his refusal refusing to participate in the "Day of Absence", in which white students, faculty and staff were asked to leave campus for a day. More than 50 professors at the public college - almost a quarter of faculty - have signed a statement as of Friday afternoon calling themselves "angry and frustrated and concerned" by the backlash against students and the university. The student demonstrators were seen as emblematic of similar movements across college campuses that some have cited as infringing upon free speech and being intolerant of differing points of view.

The University of California, Berkeley, was criticized for canceling an appearance by conservative commentator Ann Coulter in April and another by right-wing provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos in February.

The college also closed mid-day Thursday and stayed closed on Friday in response to a threat made to the school. College officials said a 911 call was received from an unknown phone number.

"They determined that no one was actively posing a threat", the school said.

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