Windows 10 S is Microsoft's Chrome OS Competitor

Yolanda Curtis
May 12, 2017

Microsoft unveiled a simpler and stripped-out version of Windows 10 at an event in NY yesterday.

Windows 10 S will launch this summer on PCs starting at $189.

Now, this is a unsafe decision on Microsoft's part to implement for a product that has to carry the company's hopes of beating the Chromebook and MacBook at its own game. The operating system version is a lightweight edition of Windows 10 that will be limited to Windows Store. But it has got an wonderful design, he said, adding that Microsoft now has a full stable of PC products in its arsenal. The new Windows OS is built like Chrome OS.

The tech giant is apparently aiming at the education market and having a goal to have a wide range of PC partners to create devices that can run on the new version of Windows 10. "In the classroom, this ensures fast login times and consistent performance, enabling everyone in the classroom to start learning quickly, and stay focused without distraction". If you buy a Surface Laptop for $999, you'll be able to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for free this year.

"You are able to download another browser that might be available from the Windows Store, but Microsoft Edge will remain the default if, for example, you open an.htm file", said Microsoft. The entire Windows experience, however, might not be as stellar as Microsoft made it look during the presentation if you want the many benefits of Windows 10 S, but also need to run specific apps on your machine. Microsoft officials claim the Surface Laptop will get 14.5 hours of battery life, but typically systems never achieve maximum power estimates.

Windows 10 S can also manage UWP apps more aggressively, rather like Android does.

This means that desktop apps, in order to be compatible to run on the latest Windows 10 version, will need to be specially packaged and listed in the Windows Store.

Microsoft explained the main features of Windows 10 S during its keynote but left out several details that users should know about before buying their first Windows 10 S computers. Those purchasing devices running Windows 10 S will also have the choice to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for $49, which if you're wanting to do this on a number of PCs that cost could soon rack up.

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