Warriors' Kerr will not coach Game 1 of NBA Finals

Warriors' Kerr will not coach Game 1 of NBA Finals

Ross Houston
May 31, 2017

Brown is set to go up against LeBron James and a Cleveland team he coached in two separate stints. A student of the game, he's old school with a fresh perspective. It's a battle about legacy. They play handsome basketball, and shouldn't have to apologize - as Durant sheepishly proffered during one press conference - that they play it better than everyone else. Now Green is focused and motivated to answer and help the Warriors climb back to the top of the National Basketball Association mountain. It's one played out on the biggest stage with three straight NBA Finals meetings, with the third installment of the trilogy starting Thursday night in Oakland. We've become so spoiled, so programmed, that the only acceptable entertainment is the exceptionally close game.

That is good for the National Basketball Association.

The Warriors have made it no secret that they wanted to face the Cavs again and believe the better team lost in last year's Finals. Is this sense of inevitability good for the league? I read a quote from former National Football League tight end Shannon Sharpe that summed it up rather eloquently: "LeBron James could walk on water, and you know what you guys will say?"

The league also will start the regular season a week early next year to reduce the number of back to backs and stretches of four games in five nights.

No team has gone unbeaten in a single postseason. "It's the way of the league, and I think the prestige of playing 82 is not what it's used to be, and this is the way it's going to be".

James full well knows the aforementioned teams don't hold a candle to the talent the Warriors have but he's smart enough to not let them know that. That was not the pinnacle of what these two great teams could do. The previous record holders were the 1995/96 Chicago Bulls, led by G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan, who secured 72 wins to 10 losses.

"I only play blackjack in Vegas anyway, so it doesn't matter", he said.

The Warriors know that nothing is guaranteed.

This is LeBron forcing a switch so Curry has to guard him. Even if LeBron never wins another championship, his haters are in for at least another decade of hype and praise.

Cleveland didn't have Love at all in the 2015 NBA Finals due to injury and Irving played one game.

After quitting from the Oklahoma City basketball team Kevin Durant has finally spoken out saying that he is happy and enjoying himself now where he is in his new team. Respect is there, but so is the passion needed for a great rivalry. Then maybe a fifth.

Can the Warriors hide Stephen Curry on defense? For years, they've cornered the market on marketing the corner 3-pointer in crunch time.

If Brown is the winning coach over James in one of the most highly anticipated NBA Finals of all time, it will mean a lot for Brown-regardless of if he is only doing a little. He shows no signs of slowing down, and the team around him with Irving and Kevin Love can pick up as he fades. In response, I wail, OK, but he came back home to Cleveland and turned a lottery team into a world champ. For one, there's not going to be another LeBron for a long, long time.

When Steph Curry is yo-yoing the rock between hapless matador defenders, when Klay Thompson and KD are bottoming out shots from the concession stand, when Javale McGee is bypassing his occasional oops plays for the more inspiring alley-oops, when Draymond Green is barking and biting like a junkyard dog, the Warriors are a wonder to behold. They added Andre Iguodala as a free agent, but he's complementary to the stars. Instead the book darts around - in the same way Curry dances around the perimeter against confused defenders and ventures into the lane before dribbling back out for another three-point attempt - dropping in and out of Curry's life, from his Golden State dominance to his younger days in North Carolina, to his emergence in college and back again to the pros.

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