Trump lashes out at Germany over trade, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation; promises change

Cheryl Sanders
May 31, 2017

Relations between Germany and the United States are in a hard situation, but issues will not be addressed via Twitter, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told reporters in Berlin on Tuesday, commenting on US President Donald Trump's latest statements.

The two leaders issued a Joint Statement at the end of their deliberations, in which they agreed to further strengthen the Strategic Partnership between India and Germany by deepening cooperation on foreign policy and security issues as well as on sustainable development and enhanced trade and investment ties. "Very bad for US This will change".

On Monday, Merkel underlined her doubts about the reliability of the United States as an ally, venting European frustrations with Trump after back-to-back summits last week, but said she was a "convinced trans-Atlanticist".

Merkel did not mention Trump specifically, but she made it clear that her realization had come "in the last few days".

In Washington, Trump swiftly reacted to Merkels comments. Both PM Modi and Chancellor Merkel will also conduct a meeting with senior business leaders before inaugurating the Indo-German Business Forum today.

"Transatlantic ties are of paramount importance to us. but the current situation gives more reasons to take our destiny in our own hands", Merkel said, stressing that "Europe must become a player active in global affairs".

On Tuesday, Merkel repeatedly stressed the importance of trans-Atlantic ties.

In Berlin on Sunday, Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the United States and Britain may no longer be completely reliable partners.

Merkel today repeated that Europe must "take our fate into our own hands" and went on to say that it should step up as a diplomatic player on the worldwide stage.

In turn, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggested over the weekend that her country's relationship with the U.S. had shifted.

"This takes nothing away from the importance of our trans-Atlantic ties and our alliance with the United States, but the importance we put on these ties can not mean that we abandon fundamental principles such as our commitment to fight climate change and in favour of open societies and free trade", he said.

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