Tony Blair won't endorse Jeremy Corbyn as next PM

Cheryl Sanders
May 8, 2017

The Prime Minister's visit comes after an opinion poll suggested the Conservatives could win a majority of seats in Wales for the first time in more than a century. She told voters Labour's plans for Brexit were "nonsensical". I think the real issue is blank cheque.

Starmer told the BBC Labour would give parliament a vote on the Brexit deal which, if it led to a rejection, could see United Kingdom negotiators sent back to try again.

"But we don't accept that Brexit has to mean whatever Theresa May says it means".

Since then party leaders have become more and more reluctant to participate.

"A vote for any other party would be a vote for a weak and failing Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a coalition of chaos which would risk our national future".

Corbyn's spokesman said it would not make sense for Corbyn to debate with other political leaders without Theresa May being present because the choice is a Labour government or a Conservative government.

"We need to leave options on the table, we need to get the right deal with the European Union and we have to recognise that with 44% of our trade with the European Union that is the number one consideration", he said.

That decision has drawn huge criticism from opponents, who say it leaves millions facing uncertain futures.

The UK could give up the right to do post-Brexit worldwide trade deals if it gets a good agreement with the EU, Labour has suggested. The Liberal Democrats would keep Britain a full member of the single market after Brexit "at the very minimum", and are calling for a second referendum on the terms of the Brexit deal. Boris Johnson has said no deal is no problem. After all, they've said they won't leave without a deal.

"What Labour will do is to scrap the Brexit white paper and draw up new negotiating objectives".

Starmer said Labour's strategy would seek to retain the benefits of the single market and customs union, and prioritise jobs and the economy rather than curbing immigration. Ahead of the speech, Starmer suggested in an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the United Kingdom could remain in the European Union if unable to strike a satisfactory Brexit deal.

He said: 'What the Tories have done very cleverly is give people a national interest reason for voting Tory.

He added, "The last thing we want is for our businesses to go bankrupt" - indicating that, in his view, it is not reasonable to expect employers to forgo the steady stream of low-wage migrant labour they have enjoyed under the Free Movement regime.

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