Syrian Refugees Named Their Baby Justin-Trudeau To Honor The Prime Minister

Cheryl Sanders
May 8, 2017

Just two months earlier, Justin Trudeau and other officials welcomed the first planeload of refugees in person at Toronto airport, one of his first actions as Prime Minister. But the couple felt they had to give their thanks to him in some way - so have named their newborn son after him.

As a gesture of their appreciation to Mr Trudeau for allowing Syrian refugees to resettle in the country, the couple made a decision to name their son after him.

Muhammad and Afraa Bilan arrived in Montreal in February of previous year in the midst of Canada's bitterly cold winter accompanied by their daughter Naya, who is 4, and their son Nael who is 3.

"My husband says 'How about if we name the boy Justin-Trudeau, like him, '" Hammoud told CBC.

The proud parents say they're happy that their new baby was born in Canada as the country offers opportunities for him and all members of their family, including Justin Trudeau's four-year-old sister and two-year-old brother. There were no complications with the delivery and the day-old Justin Trudeau and his mother have been released from hospital. He helped a lot of refugees.

However, she said that she was thankful to the premier to be here and added that she now speaks fluent English and Muhammad works part-time in a grocery shop.

There's now another famous Canadian who bears the name Justin Trudeau. "He's the reason we are in Canada". "He's the first Canadian".

She told the Toronto Star that her family had initially found it hard to adjust to Canadian life because of the cold weather and because they did not know much English. "He helped so many of us, he's a really nice man".

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