Senate Will Be the Real Fight for Republican Health Bill

Ross Houston
May 12, 2017

He says the working group that counts "is all 52 of us".

I will do all I can to prevent Senate action on this disastrous plan, or on anything that comes close to it.

South Dakota AARP is making its opposition known. Her state is among the 31 that has accepted additional money to expand Medicaid under Obama's law.

"The bill as passed by the House has virtually no chance of passage in the Senate", Hobson says.

Perhaps House Republicans, in their zeal to give the new president at least one major policy victory, decided Trump would see the glitz of a quick Obamacare repeal, and not the reality of moving quickly - and blindly - forward with a bill too weak to survive even cursory examination by the Senate. So everyone's waiting on CBO, and Republicans everywhere fear a repetition of the furor when CBO said the original Trumpcare bill would kill health coverage for 24 million Americans.

The AHCA now moves on to the Senate, where it is expected to face opposition from both sides of the aisle: Senate Democrats are firmly against it, and several Republican senators are opposed as well.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer distanced the Trump administration from the group's membership. We are perhaps the only nation left in which the biggest reason for bankruptcy is health care costs.

Tuesday, the Senate got an early taste of how the White House can insert itself into Capitol Hill negotiations at any moment. Will it deliver a bill that improves upon, rather than dismantles, health care for average Americans?

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) said Republicans are still "very much in the multiple option mode", meaning members are still debating a number of key issues, such as the treatment of Medicaid and of patients with pre-existing conditions.

Republican women signalled a willingness to accept Mr McConnell's decision as the leader of their party in the Senate. They may feel the effects of this vote during the midterm elections. Under that idea, a state could decide which ObamaCare regulations it wanted to keep or get rid of, potentially including essential health benefits as well as other provisions like community rating, which prevents insurers from charging premiums based on customers' health. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, told PBS Newshour.

She said she'd spent 15 minutes at Tuesday's Senate GOP lunch describing a high-risk pool ME uses to help cover costs for people with serious diseases who are expensive to treat. The bill will slash the Medicaid budget, increase premiums and imperil those with pre-existing medical conditions.

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