Newspapers Review: Abbas-Trump summit focus of dailies

Cheryl Sanders
May 14, 2017

US President Donald Trump vowed to work as a "mediator, an arbitrator or a facilitator" to help broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians as he welcomed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to the White House.

Mr Abbas said he and the United States president did not discuss details.

"So far, we didn't talk about a mechanism, but the contacts between us and the Americans began and will continue", he said.

Shaath's comments came a day after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Trump sought to "resolve" the controversial PA policy with Abbas when the two leaders met Wednesday. Netanyahu stressed that he hopes Trump's meeting with Abbas will "achieve a change" that will "allow Israelis to pursue genuine peace".

Trump is slated to arrive in Israel on May 22.

Thousands of families of prisoners and Palestinian "martyrs" get payments from the Palestinian Authority that are considered considered humanitarian, not political, by Palestinians officials.

According to a White House official, Trump has heeded the calls by Netanyahu and us lawmakers and will request that Abbas stop payments to families of Palestinian terrorists, reported Haaretz.

Trump, for his part, said: "I've always heard that perhaps the toughest deal to make is the deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians".

"It is something that I think is frankly, maybe not as hard as people have thought over the years", Trump said.

Other actions include a Palestinian end to anti-Israel rhetoric and incitement of violence, said officials familiar with planning for the meeting.

The tweet did contain a grammatical error, with the word "of" being left out of the second sentence, but unlike past Trump tweets with grammatical errors, the tweet about President Abbas has not been corrected and reposted. U.S. and Israeli officials have declined to confirm the visit.

Mr Abbas said the issue was not raised in his talks with Mr Trump.

In a February news conference with Netanyahu, Trump broke with longtime USA policy by raising the one-state idea and withholding clear support for an independent Palestine, though officials quickly stressed he would support any arrangement agreed by the two sides.

Sanders called for a more even-handed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and called into question supplying "endless amounts of money, of military support to Israel". And Trump does appear to be stalling on his stated intention to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, which the Palestinians fervently oppose. Experts say Hamas is angling to scoop up more mainstream political support while Abbas's wanes. It has dismissed Mr Abbas' strategy of negotiations and said he does not represent Palestinians.

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