Mark Hamill Surprises Lifelong 'Star Wars' Fan Adam Scott

Carla Harmon
May 6, 2017

With yesterday being "May the Fourth", a special day for fans of the franchise, the topic of Star Wars came up during the interview.

Kristen Bell stepped in on last night's Jimmy Kimmel Live as the guest host. So much so that he attempted to invite Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, to his birthday party when he was in the second grade. Hamill then offered Scott an apology 37 years in the making. With "Star Wars" music blasting and and epic entrance, Hamill walked onto stage to greet his mega fan.

"I remember not being crushed or anything".

Adam Scott's Parks and Recreation character, Ben Wyatt, is the ultimate nerd-husband. Sure, the "Star Wars" icon was almost 40 years late, but Scott still called it "one of the best moments of my life".

"I wrote him a letter inviting him to my birthday party, I thought at least, if he got it, and he was able to, if his schedule was clear, he was probably gonna come".

"I was checking my diary, and that week, I had two other birthdays, a bar mitzvah, and a supermarket opening", Hamill joked.

But, for a lot of people, Star Wars isn't just an epic story about good vs evil, or a cool movie series with incredible special effects.

Would meeting one of the Star Wars heroes make you freak out like this, or would you keep your cool?

Hamill seemed to be genuinely surprised as well, but for the crowd reaction.

The "Big Little Lies" star did not hide his surprise - with his hands shaking and a colossal grin on his face, he shouted, "no f-ing way".

Obviously, Hamill didn't show up, but he showed up this time to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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