I Am Setsuna developer's next game coming to PC, PS4 and Switch

Pablo Tucker
May 30, 2017

Tokyo RPG Factory, the Square Enix studio dedicated to creating games that blend Japanese role-playing games with the latest technology for a new generation of gamers, has announced their all-new title, Lost Sphear (read as "Lost Sphere").

Players will take control of a boy named Kanata who wakes one day to find that his mother has disappeared and his world is dissolving into mist. Before his hometown completely vanishes, it's up to Kanata to reconstruct it using Memory, and transforming his thoughts into physical matter.

Judging by the reveal for for Lost Sphear, it's evident that Tokyo RPG Factory has opted to refine what it had already delivered with its previous game. If you want to see the first trailer for the game, you can look at it below. The title is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch console, PS4, and Steam in early 2018 for $49.99.

Lost Sphear brings new features backed by enhanced gameplay system and revamped ATB Battle system. This means that, like I Am Setsuna, Lost Sphear is clearly meant to be a throwback to the JRPGs of the 16-bit era - notably, Chrono Trigger.

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