Hanna Has to Tell Caleb Everything on Tonight's 'Pretty Little Liars'

Carla Harmon
May 3, 2017

"And, in the search for Mary Drake, Hanna and Spencer run into a familiar face with a shocking secret", reads official synopsis for "Pretty Little Liars" (PLL) Season 7, Episode 14 as on the network's official website.

Hanna is sure Jenna is to blame for a recent professional setback and is forced to bring Caleb up to speed on current events.

Meanwhile, our detectives of the day, Emily and Aria are on the case to figure out whether Sydney had anything to do with Spencer's shooting and/or her connection to Jenna.

Ali's turn at the game forces her to face a monumental personal decision, made even more hard when A.D. triggers Ali to remember a forgotten trauma.

An original Pretty Little Liars couple could be getting back together - but the circumstances are less than favorable. But things got even worse when Aria returned home to Ezra's apartment and found Nicole sitting alone in the dark. The thing has been rigged with some torturous baby-cry noise that she can't escape, so she calls the girls - well, everyone except Ali (Sasha Pieterse), who's off dealing with other things today - to brainstorm who should have to keep tabs on this obnoxious device.

Sydney says she doesn't know who A.D.is-she's just following the orders from an "anonymous donor". There is a special place that Aria goes to, insanity-wise, when things get insane between her and Ezra and it is the most special time to watch Aria. Emily checks to see if any fashion bloggers are talking about Hanna, but she finds a blogger who accused her of stealing the design.

Eventually, Hanna figures out what she's supposed to do with the doll. As fate would have it, Sydney will actually be returning to Rosewood for Season 7B - so it's important to get back in touch with the character before she starts acting all mysterious and suspicious again. Naturally, they follow her to this appointment, where they learn someone is buying Jenna a new pair of eyes. If it weren't for her wound opening up, the two might've engaged in an epic battle at the ping pong table - who knew she was such a stud at table tennis - and possibly more, but alas. And Jenna (Tammin Sursok) was spotted wearing an unreleased design of Hanna's, raising more questions about her possible relationship with A.D. Hanna gets a message on the phone that it is time to play and that she needs to open the door.

Toby Cavanaugh marries Yvonne Phillips while she's in the hospital.

Spencer walks in on Caleb stupidly screwing with the board game. Caleb warns her that it's bound to offend the investors - as he puts it, the dress is "everyone's gonna see your tuna roll short". She finds an envelope that says "wear me".

Spencer and the detective have fun together. While investigating the game, and making peace with Spencer, Caleb tried to prise a piece off the board and released a toxic gas that rendered him unconscious.

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